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View the art in the playground. Read the artist's statements and explore the art with your students

2023 12 01 SueTennant AigantigheArtGallery WuhootimaruArtTrail 155107

Art from the Aigantighe's permanent collection was incorporated into the playground. The signs are part of a wider art history trail along the Timaru coastline. This painting is by local artist Sue Tennant - Photo Roselyn Fauth

Here are some prompts to share this with your students as an educator

Exploring Art
Art is a beautiful way to express thoughts, emotions, and stories. When we look at artwork, we're not just seeing colors and shapes; we're also diving into the artist's imagination and perspective. This guide is designed to help you connect with artworks and start meaningful conversations about them. Whether you're in an art class, visiting a museum, or exploring art online, these tips will enhance your understanding and appreciation of art.

Observe Carefully:

  • Take your time to look at the artwork closely.
  • Notice the colors, shapes, lines, and textures.
  • What do you see first? What draws your attention?
  • Pay attention to details. What stands out to you?

Describe What You See:

  • Use descriptive words to talk about the artwork.
  • What do you think the artwork is about?
  • Describe the mood or feeling it evokes.
  • How does it make you feel?

Ask Questions:

  • Ask yourself questions about the artwork.
  • What do you think inspired the artist?
  • Why do you think the artist chose these particular colors or subjects?
  • What story do you think the artwork is telling?

Make Connections:

  • Connect the artwork to your own experiences, feelings, or thoughts.
  • Does the artwork remind you of anything?
  • Can you relate to the subject or theme of the artwork?
  • How does the artwork make you think differently about the world?


  • If you're in a museum or gallery, read the information provided about the artwork.
  • Look up information about the artist and their other works.
  • Learn about the historical or cultural context of the artwork.

Share Your Thoughts:

  • Share your observations, questions, and connections with others.
  • Listen to what others have to say about the artwork.
  • Respect different opinions and perspectives.

Create Your Own Art:

  • Use the artwork as inspiration for your own creative projects.
  • Experiment with different techniques and materials.
  • Express your own ideas and emotions through art.


  • Take some time to reflect on your experience with the artwork.
  • What did you learn from looking at this artwork?
  • How has your understanding of art changed?

Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to interpreting art. Trust your instincts and enjoy the journey of exploration and discovery!


Annabelle Fauth looks for her artwork in the Aigantighe Art Gallery Childrens Mural Photo Roselyn Fauth

Annabelle Fauth looks for her artwork in the Aigantighe Art Gallery Children's Mural - Photo Roselyn Fauth

CPlay Montage of tiles

Montage of the artworks create by local families to remember the old playground and celebrate the new. The mural was organised by The Aigantighe Art Gallery team. The artworks were photographed and montaged into a signwriting file by CPlay volunteer Roselyn Fauth to print and install into the lighthouse.


cplay opening ap4795 53389670635 PhotoByGeoffCloake

cplay opening ap4796 53389421633 PhotoByGeoffCloake

cplay opening ap4805 53389663950 PhotoByGeoffCloake


CPlay Wuhoo ArtHistorySigns SueTennant 231128 Web


CPlay Wuhoo ArtHistorySigns RoselynFauth 231128 Web

CPlay Wuhoo ArtHistorySigns FrancineSpencer 1095x495 231130 Web

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