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Hi i'm Alice. A mum of 2 kids who is keen to see a more challenging playground for my growing kids. I am helping with the fundraising, particularly the grant applications. It has been a great learning experience being part of a fantastic / motivated team working towards such a great asset for Timaru.

Noticed damage, graffiti, rubbish etc?  Please contact Timaru District Coucil via their "Snap, Send, Solve" app or form: timaru.govt.nz/fix-it

For urgent attention phone Customer Services 03 687 7200.

You can still reach our volunteers via email, just keep in mind we are not actively monitoring our messages, so thank you for your patience if we take some time to respond. info@cplay.co.nz

1 Virtue Ave, Caroline Bay, Timaru
(Off SH 1, Evans St).

OPEN 7 days / 24 hrs 

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